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international festival of masquerade games

 international festival of masquerade games 

 international festival of masquerade games
 international festival of masquerade games 

At the end of January every year, the Mursched Games Sura International Festival attracts hundreds of people, which is less than 30 minutes' drive from Sophia in the famous city Pernik. This city, which was not long ago, was one of the largest centers of mining and machine-building in Bulgaria, is now investing in the revival of old rituals and traditions and creating a new image and attraction for tourists Used to be.

Prior to becoming an international program, Surva celebrated the Kukeri and Savarkar rituals primarily. They still live in different forms in almost every corner of this country. Both Turkey and Survakri traditions are usually played by young singles and offer a vibrant alternative to socialization and fun.

At present Surva is not a small local phenomenon. The festival consists of more than 6000 people from all over the world. More than 100 groups of different folklore areas of Bulgaria, Europe, Asia, and Africa participate in the competition. Winning is certainly good, yet, like the festivals of most folklore, Surava mainly deals with crossing the boundaries of traditions, knowledge, experience, national history and imagination, and exchanging flavors of creativity and interpretation. Is in. Naturally, the biggest attraction of the festival is the two-day parade of mosquito niches from Bulgaria and abroad. There are hardly enough words to describe the richness of colors, unusual costumes, sounds, real fun, which both the participants and the crowd have experienced.

In its first edition, in 1966 800 people from all areas of Park City participated. In its latest edition, the participants were over 6,000. There are many events with the festival - in dramas, shows, shows, and markets.

It popularizes variations of ancient rituals preserved in the present time, is a part of the tradition of Bulgarian folklore, as well as rituals similar to other cultures. This festival has been organized by the municipality since 1966. Since 1985, this is an international festival celebration. In 1995, Parnik was accepted for a member of the European Carnival Cities Federation. In July 2009, the president of the ECCF, Henry Van der Kronon, proclaimed Parnik the European capital of the Sorvacker and Mimer traditions.



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