The construction of this ancient Jain temple, famous for its grandeur and beautiful carvings, 

ranakpur jain temple
ranakpur jain temple

was started in the year 1446 Vikram Samvat, about 600 years ago, it took more than 50 years to build this temple and its construction was about Rs. 99 lakhs. The amount of money came in.

However, the responsibility of maintenance of this magnificent temple of Jainism was given to trust in Vikram Samvat 1953, after which the rebuilding of this temple was given a beautiful and new look. Let us tell you about the construction of the Ranakpur Jain Mandir, it is said that it was built by four devotees named Acharya Shyamsundar Ji, Deepa, Kumbha Rana, and Dharanshah.
ranakpur jain temple
ranakpur jain temple

Acharya Shyamsundar was the leader of a religious trend, whereas Rana Kumbha, the king of Malgad and the minister of Dharan Shah, was inspired by religious sentiments, who had decided to build Lord Shrishabh dev temple, it is also said that at the time of night He had a vision of a very beautiful and holy plane 'Nalinigulla aircraft' in his dream, after which the farmer decided to build this temple.

At the same time, many architects called for the construction of the Ranakpur Jain temple, just like the architect of Mundra, the architect of Deepak, Charan Shah chose.

Rana Kumbha, king of Malgarh, after this, gave land to the farmer to build the temple of Ranakpur Jain, along with it also to set up a city.

In the name of Rana Kumbha, this temple was first called Ranpur and later this temple was known as Ranakpur Jain Temple.

Ranakpur Jain Temple Architecture: -

ranakpur jain temple
ranakpur jain temple

The large building of the Ranakpur Jain Mandir is in the area of about 40,000 square feet.

There are four artistic entrance centers in this temple, and many other temples are also built in its premises, in the main house of the temple, Jain Tirthankar Adinath is composed of four majestic and huge idols, about 72 inches high, which are four different - On the other side, the main temple located here is called 'Choumukha temple' or 'Chaturmukh temple'.

Apart from this temple, there are two other temples, where the statues of Jain Tirthankar Neminath and Lord Parshvanath are beautiful. There is also a Vaishnava temple situated at Suryanarayana. Apart from this, the temple of Amba Mata is also about 1 km away.

Let us tell you that this temple has about 76 small domed sanctuaries, 4 large vaults, and 4 large prayer rooms.

Along with this, the biggest feature of this temple is that around 1444 pillars have been constructed in such a way that from anywhere, there is no problem in seeing the main religious and holy place, whereas there is no problem These pillars made of artworks have also made beautiful carvings, which are made by seeing them.

Seeing the security of this temple, the cellar has also been constructed here. To see the beauty of this magnificent temple and to see the temple, lakhs of devotees are constantly tired.

Importance of Ranakpur Jain Temple: -
The magnificent Ranakpur Jain temple with this archetypal carvings is believed that by entering this temple, one becomes free from the life and death of about 84 cows and achieves liberation. At this holy and religious Jain site there is unwavering faith and deep reverence of the people of Jain religion, so millions of devotees come here to visit here.